Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I think I can say we are officially settled in our new home, in our new town, and with our new church.

That does not mean we are all unpacked or have stuff on the wall, or curtains hung, or have best friends or a daily routine down - but it’s more of a feeling!

~ Carla ~

I realized this feeling of “settledness" last Thursday. Both boys were napping and I decided to lay down for a nap myself. (The first nap I have had since moving here). And as I laid down - there was not another thing I had a desire to do. And that is when I knew I was settled. The fact I could lay down and not feel guilty over a never ending mountain of boxes or to-do’s. 

So I took advantage of that feeling and laid in bed (dozing off and on) with Zane (in between feedings) for the entire afternoon. It was so fun and relaxing to just rest and spend some one-on-one time with my sweet little baby. So many other things (in the past three months) have taken priority over long cuddle sessions with Zane. I know that sounds bad - but it’s true. Not that I have ignored him…but I sure have not laid in bed with him for hours at a time with nothing else on my mind!

Major cuddle session with Zane

Later that night I had dinner out with ladies from our church. With no kids! The picture below? It says “freedom”! 

And this. This has made me feel even more relaxed and settled. I purchased this portable hammock with my birthday money (thank you, family) and have enjoyed laying outside, relaxing!

~ Nik ~

Around the same time frame that I started to feel settled, I also sensed it in Nik. I don’t know that there was any big moment for him - like there was for me. But I feel he is settled. I think he is in the groove and enjoys working from home. Some days he sleeps in a bit and some nights he is in his office after dinner working on things…He does not have a set “day off” yet (and probably won’t for awhile until he sees what will work best) but he is sure to take time each day to play with Jaxen and join us for lunch as a family (and most nights, dinner). He is available to help with the kids during the day if needed but I also try to be sensitive and give him time at the house to work by himself (and I enjoy taking the kids out to do different things).

Our nights are still very inconsistent - Jaxen goes to bed around the same time each night - but Zane does not. So every now and then we get a quiet night to ourselves!

On the weekends we try to do some fun things - like this impromptu picnic at the park! We packed our lunches and hit the road…found this great playground and spent a good amount of time there. You can see Nik playing with Jaxen in the background. Such a fun time!

~ Jaxen ~

I knew that Jaxen was feeling pretty settled when we visited Watertown a few weeks ago. On the way to Soccer Camp - we passed the street leading to our old house. Jaxen immediately recognized it and asked if we were going to our “white house” (old house). I got a little nervous, but was honest and said no. That we were headed to our old church and then we would go home to our new home. He said “ok. sounds good.” And he kept right on! We have been taking a lot of road trips here lately and he still asks at times, which home we are going to - and is always okay with the “new house” as the answer.

He has even recently said to me he likes our new house, or his new room, or his new yard. So - in my mind, he is settled!

Chalk drawings on our back deck.

The start of swim lessons. Which makes my boy happy!

~ Zane ~

This little guy is settled. He sleeps in his crib now. Sometimes naps in his sleeper or swing. And seems to have no issues (related to our move).

This is where he hangs out most days, when (if) I am getting ready.

He loves him some mamma-cuddle-time!

So that’s that.

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  1. Carla - you work so hard to make sure that everything is taken care of - to make sure that when there are changes in your lives, everything is available for a smooth transition. I love that about you! You are awesome and it shows through your family!