Saturday, July 16, 2016

Home Tour - Zane's Bedroom

Just so you know…my goal is to finish my home tour by June 2017, one year after we moved in - haha! Hopefully, we will have had some of our family here by that date, so these blog posts won’t even be necessary (if they are not done)!


Welcome to Zane’s room! He is in the smallest of the bedrooms (upstairs) but really, it is not very small. If you saw our last house - his room is a bit bigger than our smallest room there (which was Jaxen’s room for the majority of the time).

Although we had a room for Zane in our last house - we didn’t really use it as his room very much. We found out we were moving when he was only a few weeks old. So that room quickly become a storage room full of packed boxes!

Basically, Zane lived in our room and out of bags for a good 10 weeks of his life. I can’t even tell you how happy I was when we finished putting his room together here. It was nice to have a place for him (yes, to sleep, but also for his stuff)! A baby’s room is just something you look forward to when pregnant and something that feels ‘complete’ when your new baby is home and in their room. This took awhile for us - but now our home and family feel ‘complete’ (in a very small sense) with the addition of this room and the sweetie baby that sleeps in it!

All that being said…here is Zane’s room….

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