Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fun over the 4th!

Here are some highlights from this past weekend…

~ Friday, July 1 ~ 

Nik worked that morning, but took some time that afternoon to 
play with Jaxen in the backyard!

They had a great time!

That afternoon we headed to Fairhaven and met up with our church family.
Every year, Fairhaven has a parade and our church has a float in it.
This year’s theme was “Firefighters”.
And this was the main attraction of our float.

Of course, we threw candy!

Jaxen was so excited to be a part of the parade.
He had his flag and candy a solid hour before we were ready to go…
and kept walking around, telling everyone “I’m ready!”

Thankfully, there were other kids there to help keep him occupied until time to go!

After we prayed, we headed out!

If you have ever been in a parade - you know it’s lots of waiting….

This little guy didn’t mind!

After a group photo, we were finally ready to go!

And after all the hype of Jaxen walking in the parade, he decided to ride in the truck with Melinda
and had the best time with her, throwing candy out the window!

Nik, Zane and I walked (Zane in stroller) through the rain!
It got cold for awhile because of the rain - but it was a lot of fun - and thankfully, 
it did not rain the entire time.

We had a great time being a part of this tradition and then afterward,
we hit up the carnival!

Great carnival food - and rides for Jaxen…win-win!

~ Saturday, July 2 ~

Nik had out of town meetings and the boys and I kept things very low-key.
It was a late night the night before so we stayed home and rested :)

~ Sunday, July 3 ~

We had a great morning at church!
We were missing a lot of our usual church attenders, but had some new guests come.
That’s always a good thing!

Zane was looking particularly cute this day!

 Scared?!?! ha ha!

And by the way - this was one of Nik’s outfits when he was a baby!

After lunch and nap we headed back out to Fairhaven to watch fireworks.
First, we gathered with some friends around a campfire and had a great time.

Sparklers and s’mores for the win!

When it started getting dark (9pm) we headed to the bay to watch fireworks!

Our view from where we sat!

And directly to the left of us (at the point where the trees are)
is where they lit the fireworks. We had the best seat in the house!
(Thanks to friends who know people)

About 9:30 - they lit the “wall of fire” and by 10pm the fires burned out
and the fireworks show started!

It was super cool to be that close!
It was a great show!
Although Nik wished he had his sunglasses because it was sooo bright, right above us!
Zane slept through it (with his ears covered, because it was pretty loud)
and Jaxen got through it with minimal tantrums (it was a late night!).

~ Monday, July 4 ~

We all slept in a bit and then headed out to do some grocery shopping.
Very patriotic, huh?! Haha.

We ended back up in Fairhaven for lunch
(most restaurants we tried were closed - except in Fairhaven)
(are you sensing a theme? Faihaven = Fourth of July)

Anyways -

After grocery shopping (40 minutes away) and lunch it was nap time for both little boys!
I put away all our food, prepped a bit to have a family over for dinner that night…
and then headed to Urgent Care.

I had a very painful marble-sized red bump under my arm (armpit area).
It had hurt all weekend, but I was trying to wait until the week so I could go to a doctor.
But Monday afternoon, I was pretty much in tears from the pain, so I went to the Urgent Care.

Long story short - they are not sure what it is.
They had to open the bump up, drain it, and send it off for testing.
I will know in a few days.
I head back to the doctor today, to have it checked.

It was very painful.
And still is pretty uncomfortable.
They had to pack it with medicine after they cut it open and I have to wear
and bandage that completely covers the wound (in my armpit).

No showers (wash-cloth bathing); and I’m on a super strong antibiotic.

Ok. That’s that. 

So, dinner with friends was super late and I felt terrible.
But we still had a great time (and another late night).
Apparently July 4th also equals late nights :)

~ Tuesday, July 5 ~

As soon as I got my antibiotics from the pharmacy yesterday, 
we jumped in the car and headed to Family Camp for the day!

We made it in time to catch the Teen Service that morning and 
then Jaxen had fun playing at the playground!

After a quick lunch in town we headed back to camp.
Zane and I went to a ladies gathering - where we made a wreath,
and Nik and Jaxen played outside!
They had water games for the kids.

And then Jaxen ran around for a few hours, playing with all the kids.
He was so happy. And a mess. Literally - before we ate dinner, I somewhat had to bathe him :)

After dinner - he did this on our way back to camp...

Completely asleep, holding his cookie!
We stayed in the car and let him get a little nap before heading back in for night service.
And after service - this was him...

He was tuckered out!
He wanted to lay in Zane’s stroller.

Again, another late night!
But we had a great time and now we are ready to relax and take it easy for a few days!

Congratulations to you if you stuck around
to read this incredibly long post!

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