Thursday, February 18, 2016

Weekly Shenanigans

Before you see our weekly shenanigans…here is the best mug I have seen in a long time:

I’m still in my pajamas.
What did I accomplish today?
The kids are alive.
Say thank you.
Now say I’m pretty.

Ever have that kind of day? 
Yeah…I had a few of those days this week!


Sunday night - Nik snapped this picture. 
Actually, I was the one feeling really sick…I think Jaxen was just having sympathy cuddles.
I have been fighting this all week - but am feeling a bit better each day!

Monday we got out and went to the grocery store…and the shenanigans started right away!

That afternoon, Nik met up with us at the open gym time at the YMCA.
Jaxen loved showing off for his daddy…and Nik even got in the foam pit!

Also, Monday reminded me of one of my very favorite days:
February 15.
Because these precious gems hit the shelves of every store:
And yes, this will be a part of my weekly food budget until every last one is 
clearanced out after Easter!

Tuesday - we had fun plans…but were cancelled due to this weather:

That would be freezing rain after a major snowstorm. Not fun!
We were stuck in the house and Jaxen took it the hardest.
All he wanted was to “go to my friends”.
Reason #32 why to not tell Jaxen what we are doing in advance!

He settled for watching a movie, on mommy’s lap.
I took this picture because I had a moment: 
my first baby laying in my lap,
and my second baby kicking away, in my belly.
Grateful :)

I kept Jaxen entertained for a bit with a bath.
Thankfully, that still works! He loves baths!

Wednesday was more of the same kind of weather - so we cancelled more plans 
and stayed inside. Again, I had an upset boy on my hands!

He woke up saying “No snow! Go to my friends!”
Not that easy, sweetie. Sorry!

I thought I would help him get over that by telling him that Mrs. Pat (speech therapist)
was coming…and then her car would not start and she couldn’t make it.
Disappointment again. 
Did I learn nothing from the day before?!

Thankfully, he settled on building towers with mommy.

That night, we were able to make it to church - Thank goodness!
We both needed a break I think (from each other)!

As we were leaving, I snapped these pictures.
These trees were completely covered in ice.
But they were so pretty!

Thursday started off with some morning shenanigans with daddy!

Then we were finally able to make it to our friends house for a playdate! 
And we had the best time.
Seriously - Jaxen played with 5 friends while me and the mommas
chatted and ate snack foods for over 4 hours.
Can’t beat that :)

He was exhausted when we got home and took
over a 2 hour nap!

So that’s been our week!

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