Saturday, February 6, 2016

All About Jaxen

This is Jaxen right now…

He loves not wearing pants. 
On this particular day, he put his undies on backwards and was ready to go with his tools!

Thankfully, he still loves to cuddle with his momma after naps!

He loves to help and wants to be a part of anything I am doing.
On this day - he helped me put away all the dishes that go in our lower cabinets and did a great job!

He wants to be close to me everyday, all day - no matter what I’m doing.
So we move his little table around the house so he can play and still be near me.
I know this won’t last forever - so I’m trying to enjoy it now - although it gets a little
annoying that he follows me everywhere…to the bathroom even!

He likes ice cream!
Which sounds silly (doesn’t every kid?!). But he used to not eat it at all. And now he does.
A Dairy Queen opened up here and we were very happy to eat there Friday night!

He is having some allergy issues.
I always believe that a bath is the best medicine when you don’t feel good.
Jaxen thinks so too - and spent a long time playing the other night!

He is doing great working on puzzles!
Our church had a Rummage Sale this weekend and I scored these 2 puzzles for a quarter each.
We have spent some time putting them together, and he is really enjoying it!

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