Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Day in the Life

Thursday of last week, I read on another blog A Day in the Life post. I have done one of these before and decided to do it again. I think it will be really fun to look back on and see what it was like and what we did!

I read the post on Thursday, and right then decided to document our Friday. No rhyme or reason - just because it was on my mind :)

So here is our day - Friday, February 19.

6:30am: Alarm goes off. For the last two weeks, I have been setting my alarm at 6:30 everyday. I like the quiet time it gives me before Jaxen wakes up to do some Bible study and praying. It’s not always easy to get up…but once I’m up, I’m so glad I am!

6:40am: Jaxen is awake. So I didn’t get much quiet time this morning! Haha. Jaxen normally wakes up between 7:00-7:15. Every now and then he will wake earlier and I try to get him to stay in bed a few more minutes. Not today. He was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed - eager to get up. So he did.

His favorite spot after waking up - in front of the heater!

We went downstairs and I turned on the TV and gave him some milk so I could continue with my quiet time. I even told him at one point to be quiet because mommy was reading and I would talk to him when I was done. Was that bad? Not sure…but don’t care :) Sometimes I just need my quiet time!

7:25am: I decided it was time for breakfast. Scrambled eggs for me.

7:45am: Jaxen decided it was time for breakfast. An apple for him, and I helped myself to an orange.

Showing me his apples.

8:00am: Preparing for our day ahead. I looked over my calendar, my to-do lists and worked on getting things organized. I also decided to put Jaxen in some clothes and brush his teeth. Then I got myself together for the day.

8:30am: Nik woke up. I try to let him sleep in on Fridays (his day off) and especially this week - since he was up early taking care of the snow most days…and he looked really tired last night. Poor guy. But he got to sleep in a little bit at least!

All ready for the day!

8:45am: Tea in hand, car warmed up and out the door I went. I had a few things to take care of at the church and then went to my 10am appointment for a baby checkup! All was well there. Quick and easy!

Waiting on the doctor to check Baby Zane’s heartbeat.

10:45am: I was back home. Nik and Jaxen had run to the church to fix something - so I had a few minutes to myself. I fixed a second cup of hot tea and ate a few pieces of cheese. I would have rather had a Reese's egg… but we are all out!

Nik and Jaxen came home and filled the house with laughter and bullets (from nerf guns) while I did a little work on the computer.

My snack: hot tea and cheese!

12:00pm: I fixed lunch for everyone. It was a weird lunch - consisting of cleaning out the fridge. So all in all we ate: leftover Taco Tortellini Soup; meatballs / bananas / cheese; and a baked potato with chili. Classy, huh?!

1:15pm: Kitchen cleaned, dishes done and Jaxen and I were picking up all his toys - scattered all over the house!

I love having a clean kitchen!

1:45pm: Nik was gone to the movies with some teens, the washer was going and Jaxen was down for his nap (playing - but in his room and quiet).

2:30pm: Jaxen finally fell asleep and I got absorbed in an episode of Gilmore Girls before I closed my eyes for a nap as well :)

Nap time!

4:00pm: Everyone was awake and we were just hanging out as a family before we went out for dinner. Normally at this time, I am prepping dinner. But we have a new Mexican Food place in town and were meeting some people there to try it out!

More Nerf Guns!

6:00pm: Dinner at the new Mexican Food Place with friends! It was pretty good, actually. I loved what I got - it was very flavorful. And they had chips and salsa (bonus). I thought their prices were a bit high (but I’m cheap). I would go back again…but probably for lunch (better prices). I’m just excited to have the option of Mexican Food!

7:45pm: We were home and wrapping up our night. And that is when I stopped documenting our day! Haha. I start out super strong - but by nighttime I forget to document times and what we did. Oh well!

Hope you enjoyed a peak into our life :)


  1. I absolutely love spending the day with you! You have inspired me!

    1. Haha! Glad you like these posts.., I'm never sure because I think some of my days are lame! Lol.