Friday, February 12, 2016

Life This Week

Well…with Nik having lots of meetings at night, Ash Wednesday Church Service and us going on a date night - it has kept me from blogging this week. I tried :)

But guess what? The snow came Tuesday! Haha. It's wasn't bad... Just a little bit of snow. And it was the kind that did not cancel things - which is my favorite. So life goes on...snow and all. Although, we are expected to have some crazy lake effect snow this weekend and super low temps - so we will see how that turns out!

Jaxen seems to be enjoying snow this time around. Even though he won’t wear gloves. Still. The pics below are of him on his way to school Thursday. And when we got home Thursday afternoon, he walked all through our yard, laughing the entire time at the footprints he was making. I finally made him come inside because it was really cold!

Currently, all three of us are dealing with some major allergy issues. There is a ton of sickness going around right now, so I’m trying to be cautious... But so far, it looks like just allergies. I plan on keeping Jaxen medicated, rubbed down with Vicks and our humidifier on all weekend....trying to knock those allergies out! They are taking a toll on him!

Want to know what helped clear mine up (at least for a few hours)? Spicy Crackers. I normally make spicy crackers once a year. But I recently made them and after giving most of them away, I decided to keep one bag for myself. So Thursday morning was spent at Sonic for almost one solid hour - eating spicy crackers, blowing my nose, drinking a coke (because you have to have a coke with spicy crackers) and filling out hospital paperwork. Exciting life, I know. Then that afternoon I burped spicy crackers. Yuck!

The other new thing we did this week was go to the Tumbling Open Gym time that our YMCA offers a few times a week. I have never gone before (totally kicking myself for that) but it was so much fun! There were a ton of kids there - but Jaxen totally just did his thing. And by that - I mean, ran and jumped his little heart out! This kid had no fear of climbing, jumping, and rolling over everything. It was hard to take many pictures because I was trying to keep up with him - but jumping off this trampoline into the pile of foam blocks was his favorite!

And his friend, Clay, was there too! These two have a lot of fun together!

I think this is a place we will return to at least once a week for the foreseeable future :)

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