Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pregnancy - Week 32

Baby Zane - 31 Weeks

Baby Zane - 32 Weeks

The countdown has seriously begun now!

Everything was good at my appointment last week, but here are a few other notes from this point in my pregnancy - 

Cravings: Nothing I am really craving this time around. Although I have been eating a lot of cheese, oranges and cereal. Nothing really makes me sick anymore. And even the heartburn I struggled with for a few weeks, has been less. I’m thankful for that!

Weight: Yes, I have gained weight. More than I would like. But that’s okay. I’m trying to watch what I eat - although some days it feels as if I’m hungry all. the. time!

Clothes: This entire pregnancy I have not had an abundance of maternity clothes (no need, really) but now that my belly is bigger - I am starting to run out of things to wear! When I am home (and even in public some days) you will find me in one of two stretchy pants. I try to cycle them in the wash every couple of days. I can still fit in my maternity jeans (for now), but shirts are becoming an issue. I will probably be seen in one of 3-4 outfits for the next 7 weeks while in public. But that’s okay!

Contractions: I am not having them very often, but they do occur. Nothing too bad yet (thankfully). The most uncomfortable is when Baby Zane lays in a certain position (left side) and starts moving - whatever he is doing in there can really take my breath away!

Sleep: I go back and forth on good sleep each night. It was about this time in my last pregnancy that Nik moved to the guest room. He has been there the past week, really because I have been sick…but I think he will move back into our room now that I am feeling better. When I can’t sleep I usually kill time on my iPhone…and then make sure I get a good nap the next day - I never seem to have trouble napping during the day though! Haha.

Swelling: At this point in my last pregnancy I was really swollen…thankfully, not this time around!

Movement: I am at the cool stage of seeing my belly move as Baby Zane moves and I love it! It was a bit hard to focus in church Sunday, because I kept staring at my belly moving!

Nursery: We are keeping the nursery super simple. Using the same furniture Jaxen had (dark brown), leaving the walls the color they already are (beige) and adding a few personal touches. I think I have decided on white being the main color. (curtains, wall hangings and pictures). More on that when I can get a few things purchased (waiting for a day when we can go to Syracuse). 

And I think that’s all for now!

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  1. I love the color scheme of the nursery. It is simple and clean - I can't wait to send something to my new nephew!