Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pregnancy - Week 21 / Gender Reveal

I didn’t want to drag it out for you people who have been waiting to hear what we are having…
I am a boy mom - all the way!

I had two appointments today. The first was a normal checkup.
All went well at the appointment.
Baby Boy D has a strong heartbeat and is growing!
I am measuring on schedule and the pregnancy is progressing great!
There are no concerns or worries with either Baby Boy D or me - which is always good news!

Baby Boy D - 21 Weeks

The second appointment today was an anatomy ultrasound.
Nik went with me to this appointment and he got to see Baby Boy D on the screen
as the technician looked at, took pictures of and measured our baby - for almost an hour!

It was so very cool to see our little baby boy!
We did get a few print outs - here is one:

And just in case anyone needs proof that our little one is a BOY - here you go!

No - we don’t have a name picked out yet.
Before going into our appointment we had 1 girl name and 3 boy names.
As of right now - we have narrowed it down to 2 boy names.

However - now that we know (for sure) the gender, 
we will keep discussing names and see if there are any great ones not in the running yet.
Any suggestions?

Can you pick what one or both of our boy names are?

I think that is all for now!
We are totally excited about adding another boy to our family!

And in case you didn’t pick up on it yet - we are having a BOY!!


  1. Yeaaa for you guys. A brother for Jaxen. I cant wait to hear your name. I love the close up picture. I cant wait for that one.

    1. Thanks! The profile picture is always the best :)

  2. Colten? Cooper? Aiden? Payton? Hayden? Blaise? Liam? Ryder? Landon? Tucker? Brodie? I'm trying to think of some southern names.... I'm not too good at it 😝 How'd you choose jaxen? That may give me some insight?!?!

    1. Haha! Thanks for all the good names (southern or not!) Nik chose Jax…and I added the ‘en'. Nothing super special with the name - he just liked it!

  3. Congratulations Nik and Carla. So excited for you both. As Bobby Renfro used to always say, why don't you know him Obadiah or Habakuk. I can't guess what you are going to name your little bundle, but I can guess what you aren' to all four of you