Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Home Tour!

The past few years I have given you a Christmas Home Tour - I’m not sure why… except for the fact that I love seeing how everyone decorates! And I guess this is a way for me to share part of our world with you :)

Outside -

We do not decorate outside. I have lights and stuff to do so…but we have zero outlets outside! Funny, huh? So outside is plain, boring and bare.

Inside -

Welcome (If you were really here, I would have some coffee or hot drink of some sort and something sweet for you to eat as we tour)!

Front Door Entrance:
A fresh wreath hanging on my front door.
It smells sooo good!

Foyer Table:
table runner / candles / ornaments / snow pic of Nik and I / family pic from last year

christmas tree / nativity / lamp / stockings

a red blanket on the rocking chair / homemade sled on wall / firewood stocked

A simple wall hanging

Built-in Bookcases:
train set / pic of Jaxen and I / vase of ornaments / pic of Nik and Jaxen / candles / 
printable framed joy sign / and a few favorite pictures of Jaxen

Our Christmas Tree:
It is sitting in the arch of our living room, because it is too tall to place elsewhere!
red, green, silver, gold balls / white lights / a few ornaments / a white bow

Dining Room:
snowmen / fake candle / snowman basket

I cover foam boards with wrapping paper and then attach all our Christmas cards to them.
By the end of December - its  full and so fun to look and see all the cards, 
letters and pictures from our friends and family!
Plus, a simple table runner and “Merry Christmas” sign.

greenery / “tree-smelling” candle / snowman cookie jar

 a fake wreath over my sink

 I have a few other odds and ends out - but the above are my main decorations.
I do not decorate bathrooms or bedrooms.
Although, Jaxen does have a little fiber-optic tree in his room that he loves 
to have on when he goes to bed.

So that’s it for this year’s decorations!
I love having our home decorated for Christmas.
And now I’m off to make some hot cocoa and sit by the fire my cutie husband made for me.
(after I failed in my attempt to build a fire tonight) ha ha!

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