Sunday, December 20, 2015

(almost) Christmas!

~ Christmas (almost) Eve ~

~ Christmas (almost) Day ~

Yesterday (Saturday) we opened presents and celebrated Christmas together as a family. We are traveling on Christmas Day and Nik is working all week - so we decided (for a second year in a row) to do Christmas early. And honestly, I kind of love it! While everyone is hustling and bustling we are home, relaxing and enjoying a day with just our family :)

After Jaxen woke up, we all made our way downstairs and sat together in front of the tree.

We started our morning off with reading the Christmas Story from Jaxen’s little Bible.
While Nik read, Jaxen and I “acted out” the story, using the people/props from his nativity. 

It was a sweet time -
and then we moved on to the stockings!

Funny story… Jaxen had a few pair of undies in his stocking and the minute he saw them - 
he stood up and started stripping!

Once he had put his new undies on…we could continue! Hahaha!

He had a great time opening gifts!

And he loved everything he received!

Jaxen even bought daddy a shirt...

and mommy some new house shoes!

After the gifts were opened (and lots of candy was eaten) we spent the morning playing!

It was a great morning with my family!

Merry (almost) Christmas!!!

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