Monday, December 28, 2015

This and That

Last week, while packing for our trip - I decided I better pack a pair or two of Jaxen’s sunglasses. Because his daddy wears them - he loves them! So I gathered them together and texted a picture to Nik, asking which ones were Jaxen’s favorite at the moment. While taking that picture I realized how many actual pairs of sunglasses he has! There is 5 shown in the pic and I didn’t put out 3 others because I knew they were not in the top picks. He is three and has this many pairs! Funny, right?!

Also before our trip, I decided I better pain my toenails…going down to the “hot south” and all….little did I know that we would sit in a hall waiting out a tornado, and the desert town I grew up in would have more snow in one day than NY has seen all year….so I painted them. Jaxen is always fascinated when my toenails change colors and this time was no exception. Later that day - I found this - Jaxen sitting down, pretending to paint his toenails too! 

During our Christmas Eve Service, Jaxen got to hang out with his friends, The Eiss Family. They have two teenage boys that he adores. I was texted this picture that night…Mike was sharing his headphones and music with Jaxen. They were rocking out and he loved it!

Christmas Day we hit the road at 5:45am to head to the airport. While waiting on the first plane, Jaxen entertained himself with coloring.

And then on the plane, we spent some time putting sticker faces on these cute dinosaurs. He had a great time picking out the eyes, nose, ears, hair, mouth, etc. And in the is case, even sunglasses!

Jaxen carried his big boy back pack for a few minutes at a time as we walked the airport (it was kind of heavy), but while he did, he thought he was so big! He loves the moving walkways and escalators.

We finally got him asleep on our second plane, and he took a pretty good nap. The bad thing…was Nik I couldn’t really move! His legs and feet were over Nik and his head was over me!

We have been having a great, relaxing time here with Nik’s family. I have a few Christmas pics I will post at another time. And I have to get a few pictures of Jaxen and his favorite new buddy, Kyleigh (his cousin). These two are cracking us all up! They love each other, follow each other around and are playing really well together…minus a few fights (which is to be expected!). 

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