Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Recap: Christmas Parties Edition!

Our weekend consisted of lots of Christmas Parties, cooking/baking and very little time for naps! In fact, Sunday afternoon, Nik told me it would be beneficial for our entire family if I found time to take a Sunday nap... I might have been a tad cranky on Saturday night! Haha.

Friday I worked in the morning and then spent the afternoon in the kitchen baking a triple chocolate bundt cake, chocolate chip cookies and chicken spaghetti. I love spending time in the kitchen... and snacking on hot cookies :). After we dropped Jaxen off that night with friends, we headed to the Rolling Faith Christmas Party. 

Rolling Faith is a bike-ministry in our church. And now that Nik has a bike, he has joined this great group of guys (and gals)! The men in this group have been very encouraging and overall a great group of friends for Nik. He has enjoyed getting to know them and is excited to be a part of this group and ride with them next season.

The party was so much fun! And the best part...? Nik was officially inducted and received his patch! 

Bryan, Nik and Charles - receiving his patch

The whole group!

While we were having a good time - you can bet that Jaxen was too! 
Anytime he is with James, Jocelyn and Louka - he has a blast and comes home worn out!

Saturday we (tried) to sleep in and rest... But we were out the door by 9:30, headed to Syracuse for another Christmas Party. This one was for the District Advisory Board and Council (of which Nik is a part). Jaxen tagged along (do you know how hard it is to find a babysitter the first Saturday of December?) He did really well at the party (even though he missed his nap) and we did not pull back into our driveway until after 6pm. That trip did include a stop at Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx though! 

Sunday, after a great service at church I spent some more time in the kitchen preparing a Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake (probably our favorite dessert) to take to the Church Board and Staff Christmas Party that night. Once the cake was finished, Jaxen was laying down for a nap and Nik was on a bike ride - I fell asleep on the couch! And at 4:45 Nik woke Jaxen and I up (Jaxen was going on a 3 hour nap) because we had to be at the party at 5pm!

Jaxen and I were both a bit groggy, but we made it and had a great time. Once we got home that night  - we vegged out. I have a busy day planned today… lots of errands and planning for the next few weeks. But it’s Monday :) and you know I love Mondays! Hope you have a good one as well!

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