Thursday, December 10, 2015

Random Thoughts Today

Here’s a bit of random for you today.

1. We have no snow here. I have only experienced one winter here - but it feels so weird that it is December and we have no snow. I’m okay with it though :) I am actually enjoying a cold winter without all the work and hassle that the snow brings. I’m not holding my breath though - if I learned anything from my one winter here - it is that “winter” is really Jan, Feb and March. So it still has time to dump on us!

2. Jaxen still loves going to Sonic for his “iced tea” and asks for one every.single.time. we drive by. So Monday, when we had a long day of grocery shopping ahead of us, I stopped in and got us a little treat :)

3. For some reason - Nik has not grown a beard this winter. He did not partake in “No Shave November” and I am honestly very glad! haha! It might be because I asked him a few months back to keep his beard trimmed and not let it get so out of hand. I mean…let’s look at last year…

Out of control!
So yes, I’m enjoying this ‘trimmer’ side of the facial hair!

4. In case you were wondering why you have not received a Christmas Card from me…it’s because I have yet to do them. Shocker, right?! I normally try to mail them within the first few weeks of December. My goal currently is for them to go in the mail by December 20. Although, I might be okay with sending a “Happy New Year’s” card. We shall see. I have never been this behind before on Christmas cards, and I’m trying not to stress over it!

5. There are not many pictures of Jaxen on this blog lately - and it’s because he never wants his picture taken! Which is not the way I raised him! I’ll try to start doing better!

6. I did capture this picture -

I’m not really sure what he was doing…but he moved one of the framed pictures of himself to his chair and lined his cars up. He played like this for awhile!

I also captured this picture tonight -

He and Nik were headed out the door to pick up pizza for dinner for their “Daddy/Jaxen Night” and he insisted on wearing his dino pajamas, snake boots, yellow coat and snow hat. Too funny!

That’s all I have for you tonight! Hope you have a great Friday!

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