Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our Trip - Sunshine & Warmth

First of all - we made it!  We are in Roswell, NM, and having a great time seeing family.

My sister snapped this pic of us, coming in the airport Monday night.

The rest of our travels went off with only a small hitch (delayed plane by about 20 minutes) - and Jaxen did so very very well! He was one tired boy (as we all were), but he has settled in nicely!

Here are a few more pics from our travels…

Jaxen, waiting to board a plane, watching his movie and eating snacks!

And on the plane. What would we have done without a movie and headphones?!

And secondly - we are loving the weather here! In the 70’s and sun shining!

Jaxen enjoyed playing outside on Tuesday (in his jammies).
We all stayed in our jammies, catching up on some much needed rest!

Wednesday - we went to see my sister at work. We enjoyed touring her office and meeting all of her co-workers. And Jaxen enjoyed “working” at her desk!

Aunt Jessie and Jaxen

Then we headed to the park! It was a beautiful day!

See the sun?!

Jaxen had a great time playing…especially with his daddy!

Family Selfie! Love it.

We are having a great time so far (and not just because of the weather!).
It is nice to see and hang out with family.
We have visited, played games, and tonight we are…




  1. I am going to be so spoiled to you guys by the time you leave!

  2. It was wonderful to see you all at the wedding. I hope we can visit more before you leave. Love you all!!