Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Trip - Airport

It is 8:50am and we are at the Philadelphia Airport. We have been here since before the sun came up, with no plans to leave anytime soon!

First - Sunday Selfie!

Now, on to our trip…

Sunday @ 1:50pm - we left Watertown and headed to Ithaca, NY, where we ate a wonderful dinner and then relaxed at the hotel.

After downing some chicken nuggets on the road, Jaxen was out for a nap!

At the hotel, hanging out!

Monday (today) @ 4:05am - we left the hotel and headed to the airport!

We borrowed a cart for Jaxen’s carseat to sit on, and he insisted on pushing it in and through the airport!

After our first flight, we sat down for breakfast.
Jaxen’s choices: grapes, cheese crackers, applesauce, cereal, fruit snacks -
and he chose…a green laffy taffy! Of course. And before the sun was up.
I don’t even care. I packed a bag full of candy to keep this kid happy on our long journey!

After breakfast we walked around for awhile and then Nik took Jaxen to a play area
(while I dozed off for a few minutes).

After play time, he watched part of a movie and then explored under the seats in the waiting area.

 I finally convinced him to sit in his car seat and take a “ride”. 
Thinking that maybe he would fall asleep (he was so tired).

And he did! After about 10 minutes even.
I walked with him for about 30 minutes and then I parked us back at our waiting area.

After his nap, we will probably eat lunch, play some more at the play area and
then hopefully board our 2nd of 3 flights.

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