Friday, March 6, 2015

Speech Therapy 105

Jaxen started Speech Therapy this week!

His first session was Thursday. He had just woken from an extremely long nap (actually, I had to wake him) so he was not in the best of moods. But Lindsey (the Therapist) was really sweet and basically just watched Jaxen play with some of the things she brought. This kind of gave her an idea of where Jaxen was. And then it was over. It went by really fast and I didn’t know if anything was actually accomplished or not. (My opinion - being honest).

So today (Friday) he had his second session. He was fully awake and happy when she came and he was really excited to see her! They sat down in the living room and she pulled out a few toys for Jaxen to play with. I have to tell you - the whole time they worked together, Jaxen listened better than I have ever seen. And he responded to her really well. Really well. Impressively well. She kept saying how well mannered he was and how great he was doing. I was a proud momma, but also extremely shocked too! Ha ha. Today she was working with him on certain sounds that he does not use in words and then she was putting vowel sounds behind those first sounds. So working on “P” sounds and then adding an “A” sound after it. And so on. He imitated her really well and there was not one sound that she tried that he did not do. So that is good news!

Nik had Jaxen today while I was working and so here is a little glimpse into their day…

Morning snuggles with daddy in bed - drinking milk and watching cartoons.

Marshmallow gun fights!

 Ha ha. Love these two!

And here is something interesting - 
As I was driving today, I got stuck behind this...
These trucks have been driving around town doing snow-removal.
If you look closely, you can see one truck snow-blowing the snow into the larger truck.
That’s a first for me!

Hope your weekend is splendid!

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