Saturday, March 28, 2015

Life Lately

Here are a few peeks at our life lately...

I had to run a quick errand to the mall this week - 
Here is Jaxen, carrying my bag and talking on his “phone” (aka: hand).
He was pretty precious!

Wednesday evening, our church had their Annual Year End Meeting.
Pastor Chad always does something different and fun for these meetings, and 
this year it was “Cooking with Clergy”! 
The pic is really hard to see, but it serves as a good reminder to me about how fun this night was!

Before we left for NM, Jaxen started Speech Therapy.
He continued it this week, with 3 sessions.
This is him and Ms. Lindsey, working together on his speech.
I do have to say…I can tell some improvement just from this week alone!

Jaxen has adjusted really well to being back home - 
the only thing that has been hard is that he wants to go “out” all the time. 
We just can’t…it’s still too cold!
This is him trying to go out, but getting stuck between our two doors!

Oh, and he does not want to wear clothes.

 So when he gets cold, he just sits in his favorite spot (in front of the heater vent).

And that about sums of our life lately - at least in Jaxen’s eyes!

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