Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Trip - Home!

Jaxen and I are home! 

I was sad to leave my family but I am glad to be back home with Nik.
I was sad to leave 80 degree temps but I am glad to see lots of snow melted while I was gone!

I had the absolute best time on our trip. It was so fun to see family and friends.
And I honestly can’t remember when I spent that much time with my family, since I moved out many years ago! So - thank you, family and friends, for a fun-filled two weeks!

Here are a few pics to wrap up our trip….

A selfie on the airplane. 

He did awesome traveling home and I am so thankful.
I only have a few pics of our trip home because it was go-go-go all day!

Here he is riding on the skyline at the DFW airport.

And this is how he traveled on the flight from Dallas to Philadelphia…
headphones, ipad, drink and snacks!

 Re-united with his daddy. I think both were thrilled!

Practicing letters with the “Boggle” game.


This was so funny -
Scotty had someone looking at their HVAC unit and Jaxen thought he needed to be with the boys.
He followed Scotty around wherever he went…garage, outside, bedrooms!

And he, of course, got many hugs and kisses from his aunt Jessie.


One morning, I took my mom’s car for an oil change 
and while we waited Jaxen checked out all the cars and found his favorite!

And then entertained himself with a balloon.

We spent a few mornings at the park and he had such a great time.
He keeps asking to “go play” now that we are home. 
But it is still pretty cold here!

A dirty boy taking a nap!

While I was getting ready one afternoon, Jaxen decided he needed to blow-dry his hair too.

 Brennen (my nephew) and Jaxen. 
Jaxen LOVED Brennen. He wanted to do and be wherever he was!

Playing outside with Brennen.

I put Jaxen’s blanket on him like a cape one morning -
I think this picture is so funny!

While there, Jaxen and his aunt Jessie painted!

We got to see my cousin, Lindsey and her husband and kids while there.
They came over and Jaxen played with Aiden (3) and his 2 older sisters outside for a long time.
He was dirty and worn out when they were done - but they had a great time!

 Taking it easy.

Wearing Scotty’s shoes and eating an apple!

Well, I think that’s it!
I’m trying to get caught up on some rest and get back in the groove of “normal” life.

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