Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week(end) in Review

I snapped this picture just a few minutes ago...
Jaxen was chillin’ by the fire, in his new fireman hat we purchased for him at the Rummage Sale.

He is now sitting beside me, coloring, as I type this blog post.

There are many things I need to accomplish now that this weekend is over: laundry, dishes, cleaning my floors, meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparing for our vacation in just one week. However, tonight, I’m trying to take it easy. Pizza for dinner, fire in the fireplace and a nice quiet evening at home. 

This week has been anything but quiet!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings Jaxen and I were at the church setting up for the Youth Rummage Sale. Jaxen was a trooper - for the most part. At times he was a little rambunctious and didn’t listen (many time outs) but we made it work. Thanks to Ms. Terri (the secretary at the church) this little fort made things a lot nicer!

Ipad, snacks and a fort can entertain a child long enough for me to accomplish a few things!

All set up and ready to sell!

The Rummage Sale went smooth and in total, over $1300 was raised. I even “bought” a space and had my own mini garage sale. After purchasing a few new things for Jaxen and a rug…I came out making a little bit of money!

Jaxen, sporting his new shades while entertaining us with his guitar playing and singing.

Tuesday and Thursday evening and Saturday after the Rummage Sale, Nik was on the roof of the church, shoveling snow. It is hard work, but it was a nice way for him to get to know some more men of the church (who he talked into helping). So that was the plus side! We are hoping that they got enough off that they will not have to do it again this season. 

This is mid-way…
If you look closely, you can see that half of the roof is cleaned off.

and here they are, working one day on the back side of the church.
I did not take an “after” picture, but most of the snow off the roof is gone!

Early Wednesday morning, Friday night and Saturday night I had some cleaning to do for my job. It was pretty hard this week to do my part time job after all the time I put in at church…but I did it. The whole time I was cleaning I just thanked God over and over again for this job. It really helped my attitude and gave me energy to do it, remembering that the Lord was providing, through this job! While I was out one night, Nik sent me this picture of Jaxen saying “Hi Mommy”. It's kind of blurry, but it made me smile!

 I took a few other pictures of Jaxen this week -

Jaxen has been loving on his Monkey and his daddy a lot this week!

This is the sweetest picture. 
He pulled Nik down, close to him, so he could be in the picture too.

Jaxen is all ready for his nap…juice, dump-truck, and no pants.

We have been using these magnets this week to work on sorting, colors, and numbers.
(Beanie optional)

And… we all got haircuts! 
Of course, Jaxen’s is the only one I documented.

Isn’t is adorable?!

This was my inspiration from Pinterest:

Spikey in the back…comb-over in the front. super cute.

Well, I think that about covers our week(end). And I’m sorry to report…no Sunday Selfie. Sad, I know. I didn’t have my phone around when the time came for our selfie. And then I forgot later on!

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Love hearing about your life. Miss you guys! Love Jaxen's hair. He's one handsome little dude.

    1. Thanks! We miss you too. I'm hoping to come see you guys when we are in NM. I'll touch base once we get there.