Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our Trip - A Few Random Pics

When I visit my family, we play a lot of games. A lot. Like, take what you think is a lot and then times it by 2. That's just the way we are - It is so fun, and I love it!
Jaxen likes to "play" games as well!

Ok. The Mexican food. It has been incredible! I don't know how exactly to re-create these masterpieces. I  think I'm up for trying again though. It just never turns out exactly the way it should. It is a taste that means "home", if you know what I mean. And I have enjoyed being "home"!
A Green Chile Beef Burrito (I smothered it in sour cream)
And a Green Chile and Beef Stuffed Sopapilla

This is a sweet picture of my mom, putting Harleigh (her great niece) to sleep!
She is very good at that kind of job!

Jaxen found these Nerf sunglasses in the toy box and has been wearing them non-stop.
He even takes them to bed, and comes out in the morning with them on!
He has enjoyed playing outside. We have visited 3 parks and have played in the backyard almost everyday. The weather here has been great. Just what we needed! Only a few cool, rainy mornings.
He was imitating me, watching his shadow move! 
A day at the park!
We also visit "Bebe" at work. He has enjoyed playing with the Staples Button!
And he likes to help her on the typewriter!
We have been having lunch with my mom most days.
When she was getting ready to head back to work one day, I caught this kiss, and love it!
Nik is now back home while I enjoy a few more days here.
Before he left, we went to lunch with my sister (at one of my new favorite places here)
and I took this picture of my two favorite boys!
I'm sure there is more to blog about...but that is all for now.
I am looking forward to my last few days in NM with my family!

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