Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring / Snow

Today it is snowing. 

And so when Nik came home for lunch, he built me a fire!

I'm okay with a bit more cold weather, but I sure am looking forward to spring! After I came home from our trip, I was really feeling the "spring bug". Which made me FINALLY take down the green wreath (that was dead) off my front door, and put away my "winter" mantel decorations. I know I'm a little late in the game...but seriously, who wants "spring" decor when there is 4 feet of snow on the ground?! 

But now that Easter is less than 2 weeks away, and much of the snow has melted, I'm finally feeling the "spring bug"! This week I plan to change out some pictures in my frames from winter to spring pics, and put out a few decorations that will help spring come to be! Ha ha! If only it worked that way!

It also has me wanting to put away all of our snow/cold gear, and move out Jaxens winter clothes and bring in summer clothes! But I'm holding off - because like I said... It is snowing!!!

I did purchase Jaxens Easter clothes. I don't go all out, usually just a new top and it is always something he will wear again. He is going to look like a stud on Easter Sunday! I might even pick up a new shirt for Nik and maybe something for myself. I'll just have to look and see what I can find and see if the price is right :). I have not purchased "Easter" clothes for either of us in a very long time! 

Ok. I guess I'm done with my spring ramblings. To sum it all up... I'm ready for spring!!!!

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