Friday, February 6, 2015

What’s New In Our World

Wonder what’s happening in our world?

First - It is still cold. Ha ha. And we have been having a ton of snow! And still more to come. The snow is not really bothering me too much. I am still able to get out in it and do things I need or want to do… things just take a little longer and is a little slower going! The snow this week has been pretty snow - Sparkly kind of snow. Of course, my favorite thing to do still is to sit in front of my fireplace!

                          a view of the church parking lot               a view of the street from our front porch

Second - Nik preached on Sunday. You can “like” our church Facebook page (Life Church of the Nazarene: ) and hear the sermon from Sunday. Each week the sermon is linked there. Or you could go here ( and listen as well.

Nik, reading to Jaxen one morning

Third - There is no Sunday Selfie from last Sunday. Boo. Jaxen and I stayed home from church so that no germs were spread or new ones caught (I was scared his little immune system was not very good from being sick so long). But we are all better now!

a play date with Krista - they loved this train table

Fourth - I started a weight loss program a few weeks ago, Take Shape For Life. I am doing really well on it so far! It is kind of expensive though - so…

Fifth - I got a job! Well, a part-part-time job. I am working for a real estate company in town. I clean homes/apartments in between renters and clean their office building. It is an as-needed basis and I can do it on my own time - which is great for me. I have been working there one week and so far have cleaned 3 different places and have 2 more this weekend. I do this in the evenings or on the weekends when Nik is home. It is not my most favorite job in the world, but it is a way to earn some extra money and it is super flexible (which is a must). Plus, I enjoy the time out of the house that it gives me.

Jaxen, experiencing with water colors for the first time!

Sixth - Nik trimmed his beard. Actually, it was an accident. Well, he meant to trim it, but had some issues with his trimmer - and next thing I knew… this is what he looks like!

My two very favorite boys!

And I think that’s all for now! Happy Friday!


  1. Please tell my Brother-In-Law that I might actually claim him as my Brother-In-Law now. I had planned for when I saw him next to refer to him as the lost mountain man who was 2nd cousin to the duck dynesty crew that you so graciously took in; who in fact had the most traumatic fear of razors due to some freak accident with a sharpened bear claw.....or something to that extreme. Ha! Just kidding but do tell him that I do like THIS look and if he were to ever ask for my personal opinion I would pick this look. But that I would find the long beard interesting to stare at. Ha Ha. Is that mean? It is never meant mean and I have a huge smile on my face as I type this. As I keep rambling on - I will close with saying I love you guys.

    1. Ha ha! I read your comment to Nik and he just laughed!