Monday, February 2, 2015

It’s Cold

It’s cold here.


This was our view from inside today:

It doesn’t look like much - but it snowed most of the day.
At one point it was a sideways snow. Weird.

Too cold for Jaxen to go outside and run errands (like we do on most Mondays).

So I ran errands tonight. By myself. 
And it was an unexpected little treat!

Jaxen was waving to the camera as I was snapping a picture of us cuddling this morning!

So, to fill our day today, we…

painted with a paint brush

 finger painted

taped paper towel and toilet paper rolls to the wall and dropped ping pong balls down it

 talked into the rolls and used them as binoculars

played with trains and built a small train track

and then I put a movie on for Jaxen and gave him a snack while I enjoyed a hot cup of tea

and a book I have been reading since Christmas!

It was a nice day but I am seriously about to go a little crazy.

It has been a hard last week, being cooped up in the house with a sick boy and this cold weather.

I’m grateful for little outings like a coke run or the grocery store.

And a husband who is understanding and gives me some time when I need it!


I feel like I have a lot of updates to give, so I will get to that in another post.

Until then…

Jaxen is better. 

I was hoping today was the day that he would be in the clear for 24 hours, but that did not happen.

Here’s hoping for tomorrow!

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