Sunday, February 22, 2015

Funny Story to Share

So I have a funny story to share…

Saturday, Jaxen and I joined Nik in Rochester. Nik had to be there for a 2 hour meeting that morning. I didn’t want him driving alone and had nothing else to do…so we joined in!

That meant, though, that we had to leave at 6:45am. The night before I got all our stuff together (because I have learned that you do not leave town with out blankets, water, food…etc). So at 6:45 Saturday morning, we pulled Jaxen out of his crib and put him in the car seat (he was wearing footie pajamas).

When we arrived in Rochester Nik pulled him out of the car and it hit me….I forgot his shoes. I packed clothes (plus extra clothes) and even another pajama set (just in case we got home late). I packed everything we could ever need. Like, overpacked. But no shoes! Ha ha!

So we dropped Nik off and I changed Jaxen into regular clothes and we went on our way. In the cold and snow (don’t think I mentioned is was snowing...and I forgot his shoes!) I wanted to stop in at this grocery store, Wegmans, that is amazing and so that was our first stop (thinking I would probably drive by some store to buy Jaxen shoes before I got there - which did not happen). So there we were, in Wegmans, grocery shopping, and Jaxen had no shoes. Of course, he insisted on pushing the cart around the store and I decided to just let him. When his feet got cold - he climbed in the cart!

After our (long) shopping experience we headed back to get Nik. Then we stopped for lunch (still no shoes) and then finally…we made it to a store to purchase Jaxen some shoes. He could finally walk around on his own after that!

We made a few more stops before heading home. We made it home safely, around 6:30pm, after driving most of the trip at 45 mph in a snow storm. The life of a Northern New Yorker!

And because it’s Sunday…our Sunday Selfie!

And currently….
a fire, cute boy and army men!

Good night!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I am so jealous! I wish I could get away with shopping and eating lunch with no shoes! I guess if I had his killer smile I might have a better chance. Ha. Anyway, I love it!