Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We Have a Climber!

We officially have a “climbing toddler”. I am actually surprised it has taken this long. I never showed him he could climb…so I think he just finally figured it out on his own.

It all started with climbing on our furniture - you know, getting up the couch or chairs from the side instead of the front like he has always done. It progressed to climbing on toys, and now taller furniture. Like the bookcase and table in his room.

One day this week Jaxen got mad at something I said so he took off running to his room. I was right behind him and when I walked in he was standing on his table laughing at me. Just standing there laughing.

My days are now filled with “Jaxen - get down.” “Don’t climb on that!” And multiple falls throughout the day.

I knew this day would come.

Thankfully, he has still not figured out that he can climb out of his crib! Ha ha!

We also have an “eater”. Now, Jaxen has been (for the most part) a good eater. But the past 2 weeks…he is going crazy right now for food. Like non stop eating. The other day I sent Nik this text:

“2 apples, 2 cups of milk, 1 granola bar, 1 apple squeeze, 
1 cup of juice and eating a bowl of cereal now - It’s not even 11am yet!”

Seriously. I pretty much refuse to go to the grocery store more than once a week. But I had to break my own rule this week. My boy needed more food.

And here is our Sunday Selfie

He cracks himself up, just like his mama!

Okay. This. One. Right. Here. Kills. Me.

In other news…

Today I told Jaxen (less than 2 minutes apart)
     “Why do you have to make everything so violent?”
     “Sometimes I think you are deaf!”

And that is our life right now…climbing…eating…violence…not listening…

One last thing -

Remember how I told you that sitting in front of the vent was Jaxen’s new favorite spot? Well, it definitely is. Here is more proof:

Everyday. Multiple times a day. This is where you find him.

Oh, see that “pink” rug in the pic above? That is supposed to be white. In all my years of doing laundry, I have never (that I can remember) colored something. Until last Thursday. And this seriously bummed me out. Now I have to buy a new rug.

The End.


  1. Carla! That is super funny! That one picture - I think he knows he is a stud! And your hair - IT IS SO LONG!!! Watch the vent thing - have you ever seen the Poltergeist? AAAAGGGHHH!!!! (kidding)

    1. Don’t scare me with your scary movies! (I’m sure I’ve seen it, but don’t remember much - blocked it out probably).