Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cold and Snow

Since most of our families live in a (whole different) world where it is in or near the 70’s this week - I thought I would give you a glimpse into our world.

Friday, February 13 - it was announced that Watertown was the coldest place in the US on this particular day.

Isn’t that crazy?! And guess what we were doing? Running errands. We should have been inside, by the fire! But we had a few things to take care of that took us to the Bank, Insurance Office, YMCA, oh - and Starbucks! Because of the cold and with how long we would be at some of these places, I texted my friend Sarah and asked if Jaxen could come hang out for a couple of hours. He did, and he and her kids had a great time. I was sent the following picture:

Love it!

I thought these icicles on the back of our house looked awesome on Friday!

This is the view from our upstairs, looking toward the church.

And this is our neighbors yard. Look at the swing set!

Even if we don’t have snow for a few days or weeks - the snow stays around. It does not melt. It’s too cold.

The snow pile how now reached the top of our neighbors porch.

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the snow and our front porch are now even on all sides.

And this is my neighbors car - that’s what happens when you let it sit through
multiple snow storms. This was taken after he plowed the snow away to even get to it!

So the snow just sits, getting piled higher and higher - waiting for June (when hopefully, the temps raise enough to melt the snow)!

There are piles of snow like these below, all around town.

 Crazy, huh? That there is just piles of snow everywhere.

Most of the time the roads are pretty clear but there are times (and still some roads) where you cannot see lines. So you just guess that you are in the correct lane!

I heard all about winter before I moved here - but you really can’t understand until you are in it!

I will leave you with one last picture…

This is our friend James, who probably has at least 4 inches on Nik.
Here he is, showing off his snowbank - made from snowplowing his sidewalk.
I think that is fantastic!

Well, I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into our world here!


  1. Ok, seriously, just reading this post gave me chilled arms and back. I think I am going to bookmark it so that when it is 80* here, I can read it and cool off for a few minutes. If I could ever get my facetime to work I would facetime you and point my phone at the sun. Then you could point your phone at the snow and maybe we could melt a little square for Jaxen to stand in!

    1. Ha ha. You’re funny! Soon…I will be in warmer weather….soon!