Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Speech Therapy 104

Monday afternoon I met with the Committee on Preschool Education to determine an Individual Evaluation Plan for Jaxen, regarding his speech.

Basically, he will start Speech Therapy twice a week, for a 30-minute session, in our home, the first week of March, for one year. 


And now for some pics from our Monday…

I babysat sweet Rachel again on Monday - and Jaxen was so interested in her this time around!

 He loved “patting” her and playing with her feet!

One of Jaxen’s favorite spots in the house is in front of this vent. 
I guess because it is warm?!
Not sure - but he sits here at least a couple times a day!

After Rachel left, Jaxen had his turn in his old bouncy seat. Too funny!

And a throwback picture of Jaxen in his bouncy at probably 3 months old!

 Rachel’s mom was so kind to drop off a huge bag of clothes for Jaxen!
Included were some shorts and tops for this summer, mittens, and a great coat for next winter
(along with some 4 and 5 T clothes). So thankful for these hand-me-downs!!!

While digging through the clothes to pull out what he could wear in the next 6 months,
I found this little gem. It is a cardigan. And it is precious! 
I put it on him, right away, and he wore it all day and night over his jammies!
I love that he is such a little old man!

Giving us a concert, wearing his cardigan!

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