Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday evening was so nice outside. When I walked in the house at 4:30PM and Nik and I started discussing what we wanted to do for the evening - we knew we wanted to be outside. It is hard on these beautiful spring days to be in an office all day. So, we sent a text out to our youth group that we were going to the park. So we went to the park and hung out with some of our teens and thier families until dark. After that - late night snack at Taco Bell. I only had 1/2 a package of Cinnamon Twists. I won't tell you what Nik ate...!

Saturday, I woke up early and went on a bike ride, in search of some Garage Sales. None to be found in my neighborhood. Sad. I guess because people don't do Garage Sales on Mother's Day weekend? Not sure. But I was bummed. At least I got a little exercise in, I guess.

Nik had the joy (?) of serving a Mother's Day Luncheon that I was attending. I wish I had taken pictures of him. My cutie husband looks good in black slacks, white shirt and a bowtie! And of course, he is an awesome server. The days of him helping me at the Camp have paid off. And he is a Beast in the Kitchen, as well. Washing dishes and keeping others on task. The sooner they clean up, the sooner they got to leave! The luncheon was nice and we heard a wonderful message from a very sweet lady.

After the luncheon we hit the road and drove to the Georgetown/Round Rock area. Made a quick stop at Kohls (because I can't go within 10 miles of Kohls and not stop...right?!) Then we met up with one of Nik's friends, who is a youth pastor, and his wife. We 'officially' made the trip to drop off some graduate gifts Nik ordered for him. But after that was done - we were 'unofficial' and went to dinner at Freebirds and saw a movie!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there. In church this past Sunday, they had all the mother's stand so they could be honored and given a rose. Nik and I both had the same thought - Wouldn't it be funny if I stood?! Ha! It was hard to keep a straight face in church after imagining the shock we would cause everyone! One day...! But anyways. Back to mothers. Nik and I are extremely blessed with mothers who are kind, supportive and LOVING! We love you both so much, and are so glad to call you our 'moms'!

Since on Mother's Day all the restrauants are packed - we went home for lunch and had leftovers. We did our 'House Purge' on some more of the house and went grocery shopping. Yes, I bought some cucumbers. And Greek Yogurt. That is a new food for me as well. I tried it today. Not too sure what I think of it yet. I will let you know after another taste testing!

The rest of the day we laid on the couch, napped, rested, watched TV. A glorious day, really!

What we are looking forward to this week:
  • Mt. Bike Riding. Because of the wind, Nik has not got his bike riding in much. Tonight is the night!
  • Finish going through my house and finding Garage Sale Items / Throw Away Stuff / Give A Way Stuff / and Organizing!
  • Volleyball! We normally get together and play volleyball with our friends about once a month. But April was so busy, we didn't get a chance to do that. So I'm really looking forward to Friday Night Volleyball. It may not sound that exciting - but if you have ever played volleyball with me, it's normally a LOT OF LAUGHTER and a little volleyball. It does me good to laugh all night long - with some of my favorite people, over a game a volleyball. Jenn - if you're reading this, I hope to see you and Steve Friday. 7PM! We miss you guys and look forward to catching up! Oh, and in between games we talk and eat brownies! Seriously. Does a night get much better than that!
  • Nik preaching. He is preaching the PM Sunday Service. He does this every now and again. It has been awhile since he preached last, but with our Pastor now retired, he will probably start preaching once (or more) a month. I'm so proud of him.
Hope your week goes well - I'm hoping to be productive, but to also enjoy my week!


  1. Hey there Carla, You know I am always reading this! I love your post, even Steve is reading them now. LOL! We can not wait for volleyball either. We have missed all that fun and laughter. We have lots to catch up on too, cant wait to tell you. See You Friday!!!

  2. Can't wait to catch up - See you Friday!