Friday, May 27, 2011

In 1 Month....

In one month I will be 30!

June 27 is the day I will no longer be a 20-something.

I will be 30.

A moment of silence, please. (This is serious, people. No laughing).

I can hardly type the number, when it is associated with my age. 30. Crazy, right?!

I have struggled with turning 30 since I was 26. (Really, since I got over the fact I was 25! Which, having a husband who tells you that you are a quarter of a century old, didn't help matters. As cute as he is, sometimes he is just mean!) So - I have had lots of time to ponder 30. To ponder what does being 30 mean, what does 30 look like, what does 30 feel like, what does 30 represent???? Lots of life to ponder here.

Many people (mainly my mother) have told me "age is just a number". I like the number 2 (with another single digit behind it). So can I stay 29 +?

I guess that would not be embracing the 30's. Which I (think) I want to do. I mean, when I'm 52, will I really still want to be 29+. Probably not - hopefully, I will have moved on!

So - embracing 30 is what I want to do. Here I go. 30. 30. 30. (This is me embracing 30). I don't want to mourn my 20's, I want to be excited about 30!

Yah 30!

I think this embracing thing will take some time...

In the meantime, what does a 30 year-old haircut look like? I have a hair appointment next week and am faced with the question I am always faced with: to go short, or long. Bangs or no bangs? Now that I'm turning 30 I feel even more stress when it comes to this question. HELP!

Back to me turning 30. It's coming. Why don't I feel ready?

Maybe if I think about 30 things I want when I turn 30...

1. 30 people to tell me "Happy Birthday".
2. Nik to tell me "Happy Birthday" 30 times.
3. 30 presents?! Ha!
4. 30 candles on a yummy chocolate cake.
5. A 30 minute massage....?!

This list could be a really good thing if Nik is reading...! continuing...

6. 30 hugs. Although, I'm not really a 'huggy' person. Maybe not. We'll see.
7. A road trip.
8. To have lost 30 lbs. (Currently resting at 19).
9. Dinner with 30 friends.
10. A new purse.

That's all for now. Maybe 30 isn't so bad. I might could embrace the numbers 3 0, when associated with my age. I guess I have about 30 days to do it!


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  1. It will be okay, I promise!! LOL!