Saturday, May 14, 2011

Landscaping Take-Two

This is our second attempt at landscaping. Last year, we hired a guy to update the landscaping that we had. He did a great job. It looked good. We were happy.

Mid summer, half of our tree fell down. Actually two parts fell down two different times. I'm serious. Long story. Another post. Actually, probably not - I'm still traumatized from it.

So the 'shade' plants that were put in basically died because of all the sun exposure. The three plants that did not die then, died in the last freeze we had. No, we are not plant people - but we are trying to be!

So, Landscaping Take-Two, is the theme of this post.

After pulling out the dead plants, this is what one area looked liked (our walkway to the front door):

After purchasing a new plant and mulch - this is what it now looks like:

More to come...Landscaping Take-Two (Front of the House)...

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  1. That is a cute area for plants, nice job!