Thursday, May 19, 2011

Veggie Burgers

Pre-Post information: I am (actually both Nik and I) are meat lovers! We love meat and potatoes - that is what we eat. We try to incorporate vegetables and fruit into our daily meals because 'we are supposed to'. But honestly, if we had it our way - we would eat meat and potatoes (ONLY) everyday!

Something else you need to know about me, before I continue with my post: I'm kinda a picky eater (although over the last couple of years I have gotten better) and I rarely try new foods. Nik, on the other hand will try (and eat) almost anything! (He is trying to broaden my food world).

On to my Post:

One of my co-workers sometimes brings Veggie Burgers for lunch. Gross. Who eats those, really?! What are they even made out of?! That is just weird to me.

That is how I thought anyway...until one day.

I smelled something good coming from our little work kitchen. I asked what it was and she began to tell me about Black Bean Veggie Burgers. The thought was way out there for me, but it smelled good. She offered me one and I started to do what I do to new food. (Those who have been around me during a 'new food experience' can picture this.) I look at it - from every angle. For many minutes. Then I feel it. Which sounds funny, but that's what I do. Then comes the sniffing. Yes, I sniff almost everything before I eat it. And not just once...multiple times, and usually with my nose scrunched. I told her I might try it. I got some bread, and mayonnaise and cheese and stuck the burger on it.....

I waited and went through my whole 'new food process' again...

Then I finally took a bite! Then I had a conversation in my head debating if I really liked or disliked what was in my mouth. You know how you can get yourself all worked up over something and convince yourself of the outcome beforehand...that's what I do. So, after all the thoughts of my new food, I tried another bite, and then finished the Veggie Burger!

I can't really believe I did it - but I did! And then I went to the store, and purchased them. I can now say I eat Veggie Burgers. Only one kind - the Morning Star Brand, Spicy Black Bean (as shown below). There may be other brands out there, but I'm not really willing to try them. I like this one, and it took a lot of energy to figure out that I did. So, I'll save myself the time and energy and stick with what I like!

Nik, on the other hand...will not even try them! They are actually pretty good, and pretty good for you. So - I challenge you - if you have never had one - try it!

Now don't get me wrong - I STILL LOVE MEAT! Probably, will always love meat. But...when you are trying to lose some weight and be a little healthier, this is a good option!

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