Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Mustang and Bike Rack

This was too funny not to post!

Last night Nik went Mt. Bike Riding, with a friend. His friend used to own a truck. A bike rack was on the back of it. It looked normal. However, Nik's friend recently traded his truck in for a Mustang.

Putting the bikes on the rack:

Making sure they were stable. Yes, also funny is Nik's helmet over his hat on his head!

The final product! The bikes are bigger than the car! Ha!

It was funny watching them figure this all out! While riding, Nik saw a huge rattlesnake. He said it was about 5 ft. long. I thought he should of stopped and taken a picture (that is the blogger in me coming out) he said he just pedaled even faster!

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