Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Highlights

Here is a look back at some of our highlights from the weekend…

First, on Friday, we had a Good Friday service at church.
I had both the boys with me (which makes concentrating a bit difficult at times)
but when it came time to go up front for communion, Jaxen wanted to go.
We have talked many times (and earlier that day) what Good Friday was all about.
He understood it, and could tell me about it in his own words…
so during communion I took him up front and we talked about
the elements and what they meant…we thanked God for sending Jesus
to die on the cross and then we took communion together.
It was such a sweet moment with my big boy.

That night when we got home Nik fulfilled his promise he made the day prior,
to sleep with Jaxen in his bed.
I asked why Nik was doing that, and he just thought it would be fun for Jaxen,
a good memory.
So - they went to bed together and it was pretty sweet. 
I love Nik for many reasons, and I’ll just add this to the list…
sleeping all night in a twin bed with our 4 year old, just because.

Saturday we had to head out to Rochester for some errands.
It rained the bulk of the day, but we had a great time together as a family.

Then that night….
Nik trimmed his beard!
I made him take before and after pics.
Crazy, right?!

Sunday morning…
We started off the morning with a few little things in the kids Easter baskets.
Nothing big…but Jaxen was so happy for a pack of gum that is all his.
And sticky notes (like mother like son).

Then I finished up the frosting for a carrot cake and we rushed out the door.

I did not get pictures before we left for church (no time)
and never got a picture of Nik and I…
but honestly, the kids are way cuter! Haha.

Here is our official kids Easter picture.

Pretty good, huh?! Ha!
Zane would not sit still!

So I left him alone and asked Jaxen if I could take his picture.
How adorable is this?!

We had a great Easter Service, worshipping with our church family!

After church Nik grilled us steak for lunch. Yum!
And we even got our tables out and sat on the deck for the first time this season.
It was so nice outside!!!
Jaxen and Zane enjoyed their table too.

After lunch Jaxen and I colored some eggs.

Zane went down for a nice, long nap that afternoon
and so did I!

For dinner, we decided to do homemade pizzas and I had a little helper :)

We had a lot of fun with the dough (and making a mess with the flour)!

It was a very nice day (and weekend) and I even sat outside for a few minutes
(before it got too cold) and enjoyed the sunset.

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