Monday, April 24, 2017

Three Things


1. Saturday afternoon Jaxen, Zane and I walked to McDonalds for a snack. Jaxen’s choice was french fries and ice cream. It took him awhile but he ate the whole cone! Zane’s choice was french fries and apple slices. Mine was a coke. We spent a very long time there - but it was nice to get out of the house and do something a little different!

2. Jaxen has decided he does not like almost all food, “anymore”. His words. He has always been a bit picky…but it has gotten so much worse! I force him to eat (a version) of what we fix for dinner but it is like pulling teeth every night. And even when I made his lunch for school this morning - he hardly wanted anything. So frustrating. But I have learned not to put things in his lunch that he says he won’t eat - because it will go to waste. I bought some “Lunchables” today - we will see how that goes. But blue gatorade, he likes :)

3. Jaxen has recently become very afraid to be by himself. It’s gotten pretty bad. Not sure where that is coming from but we are trying to work through it. He even asked if we could take his bed frame out (because he thinks it’s too tall and scares him) so we did. Then the next night, he wanted his box spring out of the room (again, it made his bed too tall). So - he is sleeping with a mattress on the floor - covered in all his stuffed animals. It’s actually kind of cute!


1. I feel like today, Zane really started walking more. Before he would take a few steps here and there…but today… he was just walking all over the house! He is such a big boy…and so so adorable. I know Jaxen was too, at this age, but seriously - this little man has my heart!

2. Zane has discovered “outside” and loves it! He wants to be outside all the time - it’s a whole new world and he is having the best time exploring it. I am trying to make sure we spend a little bit of time each day outside and tonight, we even had dinner outside again (which I love).

3. I am officially weaning Zane from nursing. I nursed him an entire year and am so glad that I did - but man, that was one of the hardest things I have done. About 2 weeks ago, I slowly stopped nursing him during the day, and that went fine. And then 2 nights ago I stopped nursing him at bedtime. That has gone ok…he really throws a fit at first, but calms down pretty quickly. I have not been able to drop the morning session of nursing…but am working on it and hope to have it dropped in the next few days. 


I know I have said this before, but seeing my cutie husband loving on our kiddos is one of my very favorite things! And Zane has really started taking a liking to Nik. He has always been all about his momma - but he is starting to realize how fun his daddy is - haha!


 I tried to take a few picture of the boys outside and these crack me up :)

 And here is my favorite!

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