Monday, April 10, 2017

Life Lately

The sickness is finally passing! Jaxen and Zane are better and Nik and I are on the mend :)

Here is a look at our life lately…

There was a bit of commotion going on down our street last week.
2 police cars, a state trooper, and after a car search 2 people were arrested.
We watched it all from our kitchen window. 

 I never thought play time with Nik would get old for the boys,
but at this moment, Jaxen asked “Daddy, can you be all done?”

How can someone be so little and so big at the same time?
This was Jaxen’s first day back to school after missing so much from being sick.

And Thursday night a very sweet friend dropped off soup, homemade bread and cobbler.
How sweet, right?
My family probably would have eaten pretzels for dinner, if not for her.

Poor Zane. This is his life.

And this. He loves to climb on all the things!

Saturday our church held a Cookies & Canvas Easter Event for Kids 
and it was a great time!

There were games, story time, painting, cookies, and then each kid was sent home with a 
goodie bag filled with eggs, candy and an invite to church Easter Sunday!

Here are a few pics of Jaxen.

And then we headed to our town’s small park for an egg hunt.
Guess who was there?
The Easter Bunny!
Jaxen would not take a picture with him, but I did force Zane to.

And just so you know…
This is the only Easter Bunny picture we have.
We don’t have any with Jaxen. And honestly, this is probably the only one we will ever have.
I am not big on paying money to stand in line to get this kind of picture - Haha!
Thankfully, this was free and no lines!

This was Jaxen on Saturday afternoon...

And then we went and tried out a new burger place -
This was Nik’s burger (yes, that is onion rings and grilled cheese!)

After burgers, we went out for our first ice cream of the season.
Ice cream places close here in the winter and they are all starting to open!
We love going to little ice cream shops.

Sweet little tired boy!

So - Sunday morning are not always easy with the little ones, right?!
My house can be pretty clean on Saturday night, 
but when we actually leave for church on Sunday morning, I look around and it’s a disaster.
No joke.
Something about Sunday mornings - haha!
But…we always make it, and usually make it with all of us happy. Win-win.
And every now and then I remember to take a Sunday Selfie!

That’s a little bit of life lately.
And tomorrow…
Well, tomorrow my baby turns one!

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