Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bits of Our Day

Because I have been a bad blogger lately and am not sure what to blog about right now this is what you get…random pictures from my day!

Zane and I started our day with peanut butter toast and banana.
This is my favorite breakfast, and I have passed on the love of it to Zane. 

Jaxen was super excited to wear shorts to school today,
well really, he was just super excited to go to school.
These pics are of him jumping up and down and clapping.
Seriously - he was jumping up and down clapping because he gets to go to school.
He did not get that from me! Haha!
And if you want to see the funniest video - go check out my Facebook page :)

After Jaxen left for school, I was picking up the house and saw this…
our rock jar and worm jar. 

And Jaxen has been picking flowers for me, so I’m collecting them in my kitchen window.

I mowed our lawn today (for the first time this season) and was admiring it
while talking to Nik in his office. 
This pic is from his office window.
Green grass, freshly mowed and the trees are blooming!

So tomorrow night I am hosting a baby shower and serving dinner.
We are having grilled chicken, salads (garden, broccoli, pasta and fruit), rolls and sundaes.
I was thawing the chicken today and then marinaded it.
If you are looking for a good chicken marinade - look no more.
My favorite is Classic Steakhouse (yes, steak marinade…but trust me)
and Nik’s favorite is Spiedie Sauce.

I was putting dishes away this afternoon and this is what I found…
a spatula and a shoe in my bottom cabinet. Haha!

I think I mentioned before that Jaxen has been afraid of his bed…
so today, I pulled back out his toddler bed and put it on the floor.
This way, he can choose what bed to sleep in at night.
I hope this helps…still not sure what is going on.

We hit 80 degrees today...
(although the next few days we are supposed to drop down in the 60’s again)
 therefore, my toenails are painted and I got new sandals. 

And if you ever think my house is always clean and put together
(first of all, see picture above of a shoe in my kitchen cabinet) 
and then let’s take a look at this…
This is my “get rid of pile”.
It started with a tote and has totally expanded.
This system works for me though.
It is out of sight (mostly) and every time I come across something I don’t need,
I just (literally) throw it in this pile.
One day I will have a garage sale - or just give it all away - not sure yet.
This section is upstairs, outside of Jaxen’s room in a weird part of our hallway that leads
no where and is completely unused (until now).
This is also where we are keeping the bed frames and boxspring from Jaxen’s room.

Want to know what I’ve been doing in my spare time?
Cutting out things for Jaxens class.
This is my third (of 6) projects that I am cutting things out for.
36 crab claws, 36 eye stalks, 108 crab legs and 18 sea shells…
one project…3 more to go!
But it was a way I could volunteer for the school - and I’m happy to do so. 

Nik decided it would be fun for him and the boys to mow the backyard tonight.
Zane had the best time with his daddy on the mower!

Jaxen joined in for a little ride as well.

And then I left them to do their “boy things” while I went to Bible Study.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into our day today!

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