Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Break Week

Well, it’s Spring Break over here!

Monday was pretty low key. I wanted to go outside and start getting our lawn ready for spring (pick up all the big sticks, rake the leaves and spread mulch) but it was so muddy. So I decided to pull some weeds instead. And then that lead to collecting worms with Jaxen. So we caught all kinds of worms, and put them in a jar with some dirt. Not sure what to do with them now…they are still in the jar.

That afternoon I did grocery shopping and then we pretty much laid low, ate easter candy and played with the boys.

Tuesday, I took the boys to the park to meet up with some friends and we had the best time!

Jaxen and I all ready to go - sucker for him, hot tea for me :)

It was a bit chilly…maybe 40 degrees (the wind was what was cold)...
but we ended up staying for about 2 hours and had the best time!

That evening, after I did baths with the boys, 
I went to a meeting while Nik hung out at the house. 
He texted me this picture “all I need to be happy is some chips and a drink!"

Wednesday, Nik left for some field meetings in Boston so the boys and I took off on a trip on our own! We headed to Watertown…no place too exciting, like a beach down south would be. But we did meet up with some friends for lunch at McDonalds and ended up being there for 3 hours! It was crazy and hectic and fun and loud. But it was cold and raining all day…so that was the best place for our littles to run out their energy!

Later that afternoon we ended up at a friends house where we stayed the night. They have 3 girls and those girls and my boys had the best time ever. The oldest had the greatest time taking care of Zane. And the two younger ones and Jaxen just played and played non stop. And at bedtime they all slept in the same room in bunk beds (minus Zane) and Jaxen thought that was the coolest thing ever!

It was still cold and wet on Thursday so the kids went swimming (indoors) for a bit and then just played their hearts out. It was fun for Jaxen to have new toys and friends and fun for Zane to basically have 3 little girls at his beck and call. And boy did they spoil him! Haha! I even got away for about 2 hours to run a few errands in the “big city” without kids. Very nice! And yes, a vanilla coke at Sonic was one of my stops - haha!

We took off Thursday, around 4pm to head back home and by 4:15 Jaxen was passed out. Zane was not far behind. They had a great nap and I enjoyed some quiet on the way home.

And I did not take one single picture. Bad blogger, I know.

Today (Friday) I starting spring cleaning…or should I say spring purging! Basically, I’m starting in one room and working my way through the house putting all our winter gear away and trying to find, wash and put out summer stuff. It’s a process, for sure…and sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. I’m in the “worse" stage at the moment!

Nik will be home tomorrow and I’m hoping all this rain will stop and the boys and I can go do something fun outside. We shall see. If not, Red Box will probably be calling my name - haha!

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