Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Under the Weather

Well…we are all feeling a bit under the weather over here :(

This is the only picture I have taken in days…

It was at the doctors office Monday afternoon. 

Sunday night Zane spiked a bad fever (Nik and Jaxen still had fever). So first thing Monday morning I called the doctor. We went in that afternoon and after some check x-rays on Jaxen they determined he had a viral respiratory illness. Just look at his eyes in that picture. Pretty sad. And Zane’s eyes were just as bad with the brightest pink cheeks (on a pale face) that I have ever seen. They ran a flu swab on Zane and it came pack positive.

The doctor said as long as Jaxen was not running fever and felt up to it - he could go to school. So he had no fever Monday afternoon/evening and none Tuesday morning. He was happy and excited to go to school. So he went. And 3 hours later he was home with fever again. 

We are all laying low, lets just say. Nik no longer has fever, but is coughing and weak still. I have a sore throat now and major bad headaches. 

My house is a mess and all my kiddos want to do is to cuddle (and watch tv - Jaxen). Jaxen is staying home again today, but I’m hoping he is on the mend. He finally slept through the night (for about 12 hours) without waking up once! That has not happened in over a week!!!!

So that is my update. I’m off to throw some dinner in the crockpot so we can eat tonight (if anyone feels up to it) without me having to scramble around. Here’s to hoping (and praying) this sickness gets through quickly!

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