Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Few Things

So Jaxen is no better, and no worse than last week…
and currently him and Nik both have temps over 100.
Sounds like I will be spending time with some doctors tomorrow :(
while trying to keep everything clean and sanitized!


It all started Wednesday afternoon.

Jaxen came home from school and laid on the couch (not typical)
and said to me “mommy, I’m not going to close my eyes.”
Five minutes later, I find him like this...

He woke from his “non-nap” in time to attend his Kindergarten Information Night.
And can we just stop for a minute and look at what year he should graduate in?
Are you kidding me?!

And here he is after he met the teachers and toured the classrooms.
(While the parents got all the forms and information).

He is excited about Kindergarten.
I’m excited for him.
And his teachers all think he is more than ready to move up!


Last Tuesday, Zane and I went on our first walk of the year.
It was not too cold, but was super foggy.
It was nice to be outside.
Then it rained for 2 solid days.
And then I had a sick kid.
I’ll get back outside one of these days. haha!


I often find Zane in the bathroom either
1) at the toilet, or
2) brushing his teeth.
Brushing teeth for the win!

He loves it - and I love all those cute little teeth.


One night last week for dinner, I served breakfast sandwiches using my waffle maker!
Ham, eggs and cheese inside 1 biscuit (cut in half) - 
and then pressed in the waffle maker. 
It was pretty good!

Then Nik made me one with jelly on the inside :)


This little boy is just growing more everyday!
He can now successfully climb in and out of the rocking chair (pictured below);
climb up and down the few steps into our mud room;
up into our bed;
and is walking on his own here and there
(mostly from me to Nik - consisting of about 6 steps - and only when he wants to).


That’s all I can think of to share right now.
I just spent about 2 hours cutting different things out of construction paper
for Jaxen’s class this week.
Let me tell you…it has been a long time since I have cut that much -
my fingers hurt! Haha!

In between cutting -
I have climbed up the stairs 4 times now to check on the boys
(give medicine, change a dirty diaper, give someone a drink of water, and to nurse a fussy baby).
I have a feeling this is what my entire night might look like.

Good thing I napped today!

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