Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Warm Day

Monday, we had a taste of spring! And it was sooo nice!
(The rest of the week we were back in the 50’s)

It was so beautiful outside that once we picked Jaxen up from school 
we stayed outside playing until it was time for bed and bath.
The next day Jaxen asked me if I remembered how much fun we had outside the day before. Haha!
I think someone is ready for summer :)

Here are some pics of the boys having fun outside!

We pulled out some toys and cars and Jaxen said they were all dirty and needed to be washed.
Welcome to the car wash!

Zane loved being outside, playing!

And I love those chubby legs and those Keen shoes :)

Seriously, though, those legs!

I am looking forward to more afternoons outside!

But today, I have to get ready for a little birthday celebration tonight :)

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