Friday, March 10, 2017


We are home from our very long and very fun KS/MO Road Trip!

We drove through the night last Tuesday and hit about 6 hours of storms…
I took this pic at 4:00am to show you what we went through….

We made it safely! 
Our first stop was in Springfield MO, then we went to Overland Park KS and then Nik went to a NYI Leadership Conference in downtown Kansas City while I went on to Holden MO. 

We met back up Wednesday morning and made the decision that afternoon to hit the road and drive through the night back home. I think we were all ready!

We had a few very warm days (of upper 70’s) while we were gone
and the high for today (in Wolcott) is 26. And it’s snowing. Haha!

We also waited out a tornado while in MO that ended up hitting a town about 25 miles away 
that did quite a bit of damage. 

All in all, we drove over 2440 miles in 10 days. 
Although road tripping is not the easiest with small kiddos, I’m so glad we went. 
We made great memories and it was so much fun connecting with those we have not seen in awhile. 
And…the more we do it, the better my kids will be each time, right? 
And I have to say, the trip coming home - our kiddos were fantastic!

We stopped for a few groceries on the way home and Nik made the decision to rent Jaxen a movie. I’m so glad he did!
We came home and let Jaxen lay on the couch with a movie and he fell asleep for hours.
He woke up to eat and take a bath and then was in bed not long after.
He was so tired!
He is at school today (they have a half day) and so I plan on repeating yesterday afternoon, today.
We just need to lay low and catch up on some rest :)

I have many pictures and stories to share on the blog in the next few days, so stay tuned.
Until then, I have to unpack and cook my family some food to eat!

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