Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow Days

Tuesday morning, at 5:30am our phones rang…
No school…snow day.
And another snow day on Wednesday.

The big snow storm of 2017 did hit us.
But our area did not get it as bad as others.
In fact, Tuesday morning, we were wondering why they even cancelled school!
But the snow did come, and the winds.
And I guess things were pretty bad out.
I wouldn’t know…
I stayed inside and warm!

In fact, Nik took this picture Tuesday afternoon...

Yes, that is all three of us sitting together, snacking.
That is not how I spent my entire day…but a little bit of it!

Wednesday Nik finally got out and took care of the snow.
Here are a few pics...

The wind drifts were the funniest thing.
There would be snow piled so high in one area, and then hardly any snow in another area.

It was pretty deep in our driveway, though.

Below is a picture of our trash can, buried!
We had trash picked up Tuesday morning, and never got it inside before all the snow came.

Nik had to snow blow around it, to even get to it, to bring it in!

Here is a picture of our back porch, look at the snow drifts!

Thankfully, there is school today :)

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