Thursday, March 16, 2017

Road Trip: Stop # 3

One of my favorite things about this trip was getting to spend time with people from our past, in each place we have lived. We lived in NM for 6 years (Robbins) We lived in Watertown, NY for 2 1/2 years (Clardies) and in between those two places, we lived in TX for 6 years…which brings us to our last stop…the Chandlers. And actually, the Chandlers lived in TX when we did and then moved to NY about 18 months before us (and yes, the Chandlers are a part of our NY story, which I have shared before on this blog).

So, as you can guess, we had a great time with them! Well, the boys and I did. During this time Nik was at his conference. Monday morning the boys and I got around, got ready and hit the road to Holden MO.

Jaxen got himself dressed and came out of his “cave" ready to conquer the day!

Not even 10 minutes after we arrived, Jim brought out the drum set
and Becky and I moved to the other room to catch up and visit :)

So the Chandlers have 4 dogs right now. 
This is the newest member of their family, Bear.
And let me tell you - Bear loved Zane. Loved him.
He would follow Zane wherever he went, would check on him while he was sleeping even.
And after just a bit, the feeling between Zane and Bear was mutual.
It was sweet and cute, and almost made me want to get a dog. Almost.

That afternoon Becky took me for a drive around their (very tiny) town
and for a Sonic stop while Jim kept the boys.

We showed back up to this…

Jim is a sucker.
Anything Jaxen wanted to do, he did.
They have 3 grandkids (about the same ages as my boys) and I think Jim was missing them.
They played in a bounce house, went on a bike ride,
visited the cows and horses, played on tractors…
basically they wore each other out!

Tuesday we played at the park (with bubbles) and ate lunch at Chick-fil-A (again)!

Saw some more of the surrounding areas (they work and go to school in different town)
and even got to stop in and see Jim at work.
He is a pilot of a medic vac helicopter.
He let Jaxen and Zane sit in it and look around. 
Very cool!

Becky treated Jaxen to some ice cream before heading back home.

I was so glad I captured this rare moment of Zane “loving” on someone!
Super sweet!

We were there for about 48 hours
and then took off Wednesday morning to go get Nik!

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