Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Student of the Month

Last week, in the mail, I received the following letter:

It basically says that Jaxen has been chosen as Student of the Month for February. That he consistently demonstrated the characteristics of being “safe” throughout the month. 

Safety was their focus during the month of February. 

So Tuesday morning Zane and I surprised Jaxen in his classroom! He was excited to see me and when I asked him why he thought I was there, he said “because I won!”. Haha… the kids have picked up on the fact that whoever’s parents show up during their monthly awards - that kid has “won”. 

So the principal came to the class, said a few nice things about Jaxen and called him up front. 

She handed him a certificate, a “safety” tag and a bumper-sticker that says “My child was student of the month”. 

I think he was super proud! I know I’m super proud!

It was fun to see him at school. I hung around a few minutes and watched a few of the things they do every morning. And because of that…things that Jaxen does at home makes way more sense! For example: every morning they count the number of days in the month and stop on whatever day it currently is (the 28th). Then they go over what day it is (Tuesday). And then they talk about the weather… and so on. Jaxen likes me to do this with him at home at night. 

Congrats Jaxen! I hope this is the first of many “Student of the Months” :)

Now…the big question…do I put that bumper sticker on my car?! Haha…probably not!

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