Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Road Trip: Stop # 2

Friday morning we drove away from Springfield, MO and ended up outside of Kansas City, KS to see our long-time friends, Rusty & Diane.

We know the Robbins from our time in New Mexico, working together at Bonita Park Camp. They like to refer to us as their “kids”. Well, let me clarify…they refer to me as their kid and to Nik as the son-in-law. Haha! We love them so much and were so happy to spend time with them.

After a quick tour of their office and a lunch (at Chick-fil-A) we headed to the coolest sporting goods store, Scheels. Just take a look at the few pics we took…

They had a ton of animals that we made Jaxen stand in front of and take pictures :)

The main event of our trip there though, was the Ferris Wheel!
Diane and Jaxen are in the left picture and Nik is in the right.

Jaxen enjoyed the animals, this cool police car...

a little bowling...

and especially the shooting games!

Cool store, huh?

We had to head for some caffeine after all that fun!
Guess where we went?
The Roasterie Cafe which I like to call “The place where Diane’s art is on display”

How cool is that? :)
She is a real-life artist and I love that her pictures are hanging up for all to see!

The coffee junkies.

So when it was time for bed we put Jaxen in the closet…
and he loved sleeping in his “cave”!

So Saturday morning was a first for Diane - 
flying a kite!

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being outside.

Another fun experience was the Freezing Moo!
This place was super cool and super packed.

It’s an ice cream place where your ice cream starts out as a liquid on a very cold 
platter and then they build and mix in your flavors as they spread it out and it freezes.

It was so fun to watch them make it.

And look how tasty it looks!
Apparently it was pretty good because Nik was just going to share with Jaxen
but finally went back and got his own after Jaxen didn’t want to share with him.

Sunday was a nice, relaxing day.
We went to church together, ate lunch, drove Nik to the airport to pick up someone
who he was attending the conference with (in Kansas City)
and drove around a bit more checking out the area (and letting Jaxen take a much needed nap).
We laid low that evening just playing and talking!

And Rusty helped Jaxen with his “homework”.
(I brought along 1 of 3 get-ready-for-kindergarden-packets for him to work on.)

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