Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Photo Dump

Zane is (obviously) looking pretty cute here…but what I want you to see are his shoes!
I have been trying to get him to wear shoes more often (now that he is almost walking)
and he always takes them off… but he is pretty cute with them on, right?

A sweet selfie with Zane while putting him down for a nap.

This entertained Jaxen for a very long time…
bottles, water and food coloring!


I posted this on social media…
celebrating 11 months with Zane!

This was funny -
Jaxen wanted to help Nik change Zane's poo poo diaper.

More poo poo talk…
Jaxen was taking a long time in the bathroom one day so I went to check on him
and found him watching a show on the phone! Haha!
I quickly took it away and explained that we go to the bathroom to do our business and be done.
Afterward, he told me his legs hurt (they fell asleep). Haha!

Zane was crying…but look how cute that little coat is!

I love this little face!

Zane is a big fan of macaroni noodles.

Zane was trying to spend some quality time with Nik after he returned from his last trip.

My shopping buddy.
He slept through two whole stores last week…that hardly ever happens!

Nik was grilling dinner one night and Zane 
was playing peek-a-book with me through the kitchen windows.

Playing ball with daddy.

Zane loves his walker!

Nik and I purchased this shirt last week…
we will share it and wear it when needed!

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