Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Snow fun

After this last big snow storm we had, I think I am now ready for winter to be over!

But Saturday we did go out and have a little fun in it :)

Some friends invited us over for a little sledding and snowmobiling...

It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it was a very long, nice hill they were going down.
And you can see some grass in a  few of the pictures because of the 
way the wind made such weird snow drifts…
but walking to where we were, the snow was up to my knee!

Zane even had some fun! That is our friend, Oakley.
He pretty much stayed wrapped in a blanket, in his stroller, until he got too cold.
Then I put him in the car while we finished up.
But sweet Oakley took him on a few rides, first :)

And the highlight…
Nick got out his snowmobiles and let the kids take turn “driving”.
They had such a great time!

I appreciate friends who invite us to hang out with them when Nik is away!

After that, it was lunch at McDonald’s and then we went
and signed Jaxen up for T-ball this spring.

It was snowing by that point, and it felt a little weird
signing up for T-ball in all our winter gear, on a cold snow day. Haha!

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