Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I love looking back at pictures of Jaxen and seeing if and how much Zane looks like him! I did this the other day and posted this on Facebook…

Jaxen (left) / Zane (right) - about 9 months of age

Here are the single shots of each...





One of the (many) differences of these two, is how they sleep. Jaxen always slept on his back when he was a baby (and, because of allergies, with a pillow). Zane sleeps on his tummy. And has since he first slept in his crib.



Also - Zane is a mover! You could always find Jaxen in the same position that he fell asleep in, the next morning. Not Zane…he moves all around all night long! It is so funny how many times I will see him on the monitor slouched in a corner, fast asleep.  


We get asked the question “who do your kids look like?” often. The majority of people think Jaxen looks like Nik and I look like Zane. Although - if you look hard enough I think there are bits of both of us in their sweet precious faces. So I looked (quickly) for a few pics of Nik and I when we were younger. I know I have others, but I didn’t take a lot of time. So this will have to do…see what you think!

First - pics of me…

Jessica  / Carla 

And Nik….

Haha! These pictures of us make me laugh!
So what do you think?!

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