Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Zane - 9 Months

That smile and those eyes get me every time.

My baby is 9 months old.

With your first baby, everything is new and exciting and you have an amazing bond - 
because your first is what made you a momma.
With your second and/or last - I think you appreciate and treasure everything a bit more.
And I think because of that, another (different) special bond is created.
I am bonded to this little guy. He has my heart.

Our sweet Zane Russell is most commonly known as:
Zaney, Zaney-boo boo and Zaner.
I just can’t help but call him one of the above. And so does Jaxen.

We go to the doctor later this month and I will post his stats then.

Zane is getting better and better about eating food.
He is really into feeding himself (soft food)
but I worry about that…because he still only has 2 teeth.
So I basically feed him puree’s and let him chew on some soft food.
I still nurse him. And he likes to drink water from a sippy cup.

Zane is mostly in 9 month clothes. 
There are a few items that are 6 month that he still wears…but not many.

Zane loves to play with balls. He likes to throw them and then crawl to them.
He will do that all over our house, and it will entertain him probably more than any toy.
Other than that - he loves anything Jaxen has in his hands - haha!

He is a big fan of baths. Especially with his brother!

We are working on an earlier bedtime.
And once he is asleep he will mostly sleep through the nights.
He takes one morning nap a few hours after he wakes up, which will last 1-2 hours.
And then he will take one afternoon nap, which will last about 1 hour.
He will ‘cat  nap’ (for about 10 minutes) after dinner.
I’m trying to get rid of this cat nap…but sometimes it just happens!

This post is a little late…apparently I took a blogging break while we were away - haha!

We are home now…trying to adjust to the time difference and get back into our routine.
But I hope to catch back up on the blog again - stay tuned :)

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